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                    Currently looking for Employment

Born and raised in the small city of Newport Vermont and I am bi-lingual 

in English and French.





Job Objective: 

Electronics Engineering Technician position with an aggressive and challenging development team.


         Mastery knowledge of Windows NT/2000/XP and Windows 98/95.  Very familiar with Novel networks.  Experienced with Unix/Solaris.  Exemplary Internet experience.  I can build computers from scratch.  I can find anything online.

         Knowledge of component procurement process.  Can perform entire component procurement process.  From design selection to working with manufacturing representatives to the quote and purchase and the kitting and delivery to PCB manufacturer. Knowledge of board FAB process.

         CAD tools:  ViewDraw, Orcad, AutoCad, Mentor Graphics, Allegro, Clear Case.

         Familiar with networking protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, ATM.   Very familiar with OC-48, OC-12, OC-3, Ethernet.  wireless networking.

         Experience with SONET and Ethernet type networks.  Knowledge of routers, switches and other networking equipment, as well as wireless networking equipment.

         Testing equipment:  IXIA and Netcomm Systems (Starent) Smartbits ethernet testers, Adtech ATM fiber Interface software and hardware.  HP logic analyzer, Tektronics logic analyzers and digital storage oscilloscopes.  Leroy DSOs. GPIB to DSO interface to bring the scope interface to the Win NT Desktop.

         Mastery Experience with SMT PCB reworking, soldering fine-pitch devices and attaching test fixtures on PCBs under microscope.  IC ROM flash programming software and hardware.  I am a miracle-worker with a soldering iron.

         Very familiar with Intel architecture microprocessors and chipsets including overclocking.

         Office software:  Excellent knowledge of MS Office, Outlook, IE 5& Netscape, Vantive bug tracking, Documentum revision control, Oracle product database, MS FrontPage, Agile CM.

         Analog and digital electronic theory, debug, troubleshooting, analysis, and repair.

         Familiar with mechanical assemblies and prototypes.

         Flawless fiber optic installation, termination, and measurement technique.

         Proficient with power tools.

        Can perform virtually all functions of IT department with desire to learn more about UNIX administration.

Work Experience:

All computer and Networking Services May 20003 to Present day - Owner

         Repaired and upgraded computers in customers homes.  Provided support and educational services.

Nationwide CATV  January 2004 to August 2004 Cable Installer

        Climbed utility poles with gaffing hooks and installed new cable across roadways to cables lines. 

        Installed High Speed Internet and digital video set top boxes in residential and commercial buildings. 

        Removed Spy-ware software and Trojan horses and virus from customer computers.

May  2003 to December 2003 Vanmar properties in Milner GA IT Person

         Sole IT person, errand runner.  Created web page for company.  Setup wireless network to supply neighbors with Internet.

October 17th, 2001 to March 2003 Calix Networks @ Nagog Park in Acton MA

Laboratory Technician initially a contract position and subsequently converted to Full Time

         Performed all duties of Lab Manager:  Constructed ESD safe electronics / software platform / IP video research and development laboratory from ground up.  Including assembly and population of 17 industrial equipment rack and ladder support rack with fiber race way an patch panel.  Installed 96 node fiber optic lab network.  Performed professional fiber installation with no errors.  Populated laboratory with several pieces of test equipment and supported several engineers with use of this equipment.  Spent close to $1,000,000 on laboratory.

         Aided in the development of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet, and IP resource circuit boards.  Reworked and debugged these circuit boards.  Programmed FPGAs and flash programmed GAP ASIC boot code.  Tested these circuit boards with network test equipment.

         Purchased capital equipment, procured lab supplies and circuit board component replacements.

         Built and operated Minerva and Video Tele IP television head end equipment as well as set top boxes in support of channel changing circuit board development.

         Supported various engineers in the laboratory environment. 

         Installed various communication and test equipment.

         Challenged company ESD policy and effected company wide behavioral changes to maintain circuit board integrity.

January 2003 April 2004  CHET HERGET Landscaping and SNOWPLOWING, Westford MA

October 1, 2001 October 17, 2001        Medium Term Contract Phoenix Science and Technology

North Chelmsford MA      

         Performing various tasks of an Electro-Mechanical Technician.  Worked on prototype sonic buoy for government use.

September 26-28, 2001 Short Term Fill In Contract   Instrumentation Laboratory - Lexington MA.

         Filled in for sick lab technician on short notice.

         Performed SMT rework and assembly in support of engineers in lab.

September 2000 May 2001    Brix Networks Inc.  Chelmsford, Massachusetts

         Contributed heavily to Start-Up team environment.

         Created symbols for CAD development.  Performed schematic entry.  Sourced manufactures datasheets for HW design and procurement.

         Procured several hundred thousand dollars worth of electronic components for prototype PCB builds.  Worked closely with vendors to receive components on time for builds in context with a very aggressive schedule.  Maintained large spreadsheet to track delivery of components.

         Co-coordinated with contract assembly manufactures to build prototypes.  Kitted components for PCB manufacture.

         Modified PCBs as per engineers instructions.  Wired and affixed test fixtures and assemblies.  Performed all SMT rework and assembly for company. 

         Build Hardware lab from ground up.  Includes ESD floor waxing, test equipment purchasing, component organization and inventory in locked cabinets.  Ordered supplies, tools, and spare parts for lab.  Lab organization and maintenance.  Cleaned up after engineers.  Functioned as virtual lab manager. 

         Wrote formal HW LAB ESD awareness and test procedure document.

         Used network testing  equipment to capture data packets on network. (IXIA, SMARTBITS)

         Performed DVT on electronic circuit board.

         Supported engineering team and worked with other parts of the company to develop and ship product.

         Used AGILE engineering development database to look up component part numbers and manufactures information.

19982000                              Ascend Communications / Lucent Technologies INS                                  Westford, Mass

Engineering Technician

         Performed schematic capture and symbol development on multi-layer hierarchical schematics.  Met with Vendors to compare and decide on component sources

         Documented PCB development including:  Sourced manufactures parts into the product development database.  Writing ECOs to fabricate prototype products, rework existing prototypes, release developed product.  Produced BOMs and worked with CAD tools to produce product.

         Worked closely with ASICs, FPGAs and PLDs.  Programmed logic ISP on PCB.

         Received and Managed, debugged, troubleshooted, reworked, modified, performed diagnostics and repaired up to 30,000 plus net prototype PCBs.  Obtained and organized spare parts for lab.  Performed Largest HVT on largest board in company.  Verified signal integrity on clocks, data, address control waveforms.  Maintained large PCB revision status prototype management database.

         Performed diagnostic routines on and Integrated a 64k VC ATM BIO2 into a GX-550 ATM smart switch.

         Built Several Racks of ATM and Frame Relay switches.  Strung cabling and optical fiber to link switches over local area.  Performed system level margin testing on ATM BIO2 and GX-550 Smart-Switch under extreme thermal conditions.   Participated in HALT and EMI Testing on the GX-550.

Supported a large engineering team and coordinated with other departments to support the prototypes for them to write software for the ATM BIO.

Summer 1997                                        Greenfield Industries                                         Lyndonville, VT

                Engineering Intern / Computer Technician

                      Built computers from scratch for the company.

         Administered networked computers.

           Transcribed large machine drawings.

1997-1998                                        Vermont Technical College                                        Randolph Center, VT

Work-study Lab Assistant

         Built entire laboratory LAN.

         Maintained lab computers and software installation.

         Facilitated several lab experiment setups.



1996-1998                                        Vermont Technical College                                        Randolph Center, VT

         Member of the VTC I-EEE Club, VTC^3 Computer Club, Video Club.

AS EEET Degree pending elective course completion.




Computer building and networking, video capture, start-up companies, telecommunications, large outdoor wireless networks.


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